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  Визитки What is business cards and why businessman need it no longer need to explain. It’s difficult to imagine businessman without business card who leaves the necessary information about himself to his business partners and even a student who wants to impress his friends. We aren’t talking about that stylish, unique business card in which is used different printing technologies is a major component of the image of modern man. Our printing house would like to offer you wide range of business cards- from cards for economy class on a simple cardboard or coated paper to exclusive cards made on elite papers using screen printing, foil stamping and unique cutting.

   Printing equipment allows us to produce business cards by digital printing what gives an advantage for the urgent need to get the order. And it also allows us to produce business cards by offset printing, screen printing and various types of stamping. The cost and time of execution of your business card directly depend on the following factors: the number of required cards, used paper, technologies used in production. We must not forget that if you don’t have appropriate layout none of the most expensive technologies doesn’t give you desired effect. If you don’t have the capacity or sufficient skills to perform intelligent and stylish design of business card, we recommend you to order it in our design Bureau. Experienced professionals will help you to find your unique style, pick up the paper, draft the layout of your business card and offer suitable to your budget option. Proper design of your business card is a key to your success.

Prices for business cards
 Number of business cards 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 2000
 Chroma level 1+0 205 283 369 460 547 643 742 837 941 1048 1303
 Chroma level 4+0 308 441 584 737 879 1028 1182 1324 1472 1533 1834
 Chroma level 4+4 428 639 866 1115 1347 1587 1843 2011 2069 2137 2612

Digital printing of business cards on Konica Minolta 8000e, the price includes coated paper from 200 to 300g/m cardboard with embossed +20%. The cost of finished product increases depending the cost of specific paper (selection is carried out according to the catalogue). Business cards offset

 Number of business cards 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000 50000 100000
 Chroma level 4+4 3858 6578 7831 9129 10303 11212 12357 13544 14672 15859 27195

Offset printing. Chroma level 4+4. Paper: 300 g/m. Minimum quantity 1000 pieces per one. (in one order can be 1-…of different types but not less than 1000 pieces of each). Note: 1000 circulation doesn't calculated, i.e, for example, 6 types of 1000 each is not equal in value to 6000 of 1 type, calculated as 6 to 1000 pieces! It’s possible to print pantone. One-sided business cards with silk-screen printing

Slightly convex image and bright colors are distinctive features of such business cards.

Strict and solid look for those who want to have business cards on dark paper and stand out among others. An expensive designer paper is used during printing. Minimum quantity – 400 pieces.

Print business cards with one color 1+0
400 pieces – 5200 RUB
Print business cards with two colors on two sides 2+0
400 pieces – 9400 RUB.
Embossed business cards are calculated separately depending on the number of copies and the size of the stamping.
To your services, our unique, online calculator for the calculation of the order.

100 business cards for free

When ordering business cards where on the reverse side advertising of typography "FAST PRINT" you get them for free! The first order maximum of 100, then the number is unlimited!

Your business cards will impress.


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