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Chocolates with logo

Chocolates with logo are edible souvenir, which has already become traditional. We offer edible sweet souvenirs. Gift chocolate with a picture of the customer is an advertising product that works well and is used in various types of activities: at exhibitions, seminars, conferences, promotions, corporate events, holidays, events, February 14, March 8, February 23, the New Year, business gifts for men and women, gifts for companies that are used as gifts to customers, as well as private customers as gifts to loved ones.

ATTENTION! In occasion of the New Years overload of production, prices and production terms may change.

Please take care of placing your order in advance!

  Шоколадные конфеты с логотипом
Prices on chocolates with logo.
the viev pcs. price
“ Tretyakov gallery" 20x29.5cm 240 grams  


50 494.94
100 425.02
200 317.8
300 294.8
500 278.36
1000 250.4
on request on request

Moscow nights Size: 200 x 297 x 24 mm Weight: 200 grams Shelf life 9 months.

Ingredients: Confectionery glaze, sugar, condensed with sugar milk, confectionery fat, kernels of almond paste, molasses, whole milk powder, substitute milk fat, alcohol, emulsifier E322, natural identical flavor: “Cream with hazelnut"", ""Chocolate"", ""Caramel cream". Product description: Candy "Assorted", "Moscow Nights". Contraindicated in individual tolerance to milk protein. 100 gr. product contains: proteins-4,3 gr. fat-33,7 gr. carbohydrates-54,1 gr. Energy value: 532 kcal/100g. Store at a temperature of 21 C and a relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

50 373.16
100 309.17
200 238.64
300 204.45
500 185.58
1000 139.05
on request on request
"Black Camellia" Size: 239 x 349 x 24 mm Weight: 375 grams Shelf life: 9 months

Candy chocolate with crushed roasted walnuts in a honey-sugar syrup and crispy balls. These candies with an unusual name always attract sweet lover and the common man. What exactly is hidden under this mysterious name? And is the stuffing tasty?

 Candy Black Camellia" is one of those which taste nice to discover. Previously unexplored stuffing seems very unusual and delicious, and the pleasure from eating sweets increases many times. "Black Camellia" - the perfect gift for the New Year to original people!

50 446.18
100 382.88
200 354.42
300 343.99
500 335.85
1000 327.5
on request on request
Chocolates "Assorted" Size: 228 x 272 x 28 mm Weight: 200 g Shelf life: 9 months

  Assorted milk and dark chocolate with truffle fillings.

Candy Truffle Meats will allow you to enjoy the unique flavors of truffle fillings in a classic dark and milk chocolate. The sophistication of French truffles in combination with aromatic coffee, juicy orange and delicious tiramisu - unique truffle filling of these exquisite chocolates distinguished by its soft texture.

50 408.5
100 359.82
200 279.53
300 256.54
500 242.99
1000 218.48
on request on request
"Fruit platter" Size: 239 x 349 x 24 mm Weight: 350 g Shelf life: 3 months

Chocolates: "Prunes in chocolate, Apricot in chocolate, Dates in chocolate", "Black pearl". Candy "Fruit platter" These chocolates with unusual taste, suitable even for young children from 4 years. Fragrant apricot, sensual plum, sweet, creamy cashews, gourmet almonds - all these treasures are hidden under flavored chocolate.


50 455.08
100 404.47
200 376.06
300 366
500 357.72
1000 349.64
on request on request
Chocolate candy "Your Secret" Size: 289 x 383 x 29 mm Weight: 350 g Shelf life: 12 months

Ingredients: chocolate flavored coconut, hazelnut, vanilla, almond and even tastefully toffee... Candy "Your Secret" Your Secret is a classic candy in floral graphic design. The collection includes a wide range of fillings in a bitter and milk chocolate.

50 701.32
100 619.64
200 577.3
300 560.37
500 548.13
1000 538.04
on request on request
free view on request on request
Examples of chocolates with logo


Конфеты с логотипом

Конфеты с логотипом

Конфеты с логотипом
Конфеты с логотипом
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