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Moscow, ul.Podolskih kursantov, 3
The underground Kievskaya, Bryanskaya Street 5
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About company FS Print

 In modern life we meet printing products at every step. Outdoor advertising, advertising booklets, books and newspapers, souvenir notepads. It’s impossible to list all kinds of printed products. Moreover, the demand for printed products, and therefore, printing services. Also requirements to printing products increasing. The image sharpness, brightness and color purity, color fastness, possibility to print any format, high-speed printing – modern printed products, regardless of its type must meet all these requirements. Besides, there are a lot of printing houses but not all of them can provide quality production made in short terms and on reasonable price. Company FS Print is a company which fully meets modern requirements. We provide all kinds of printing services; we fulfill orders in a short term and our products are of high quality. We have all necessary conditions: experienced specialists, modern quality equipment, consumables, love to our work. What the company FS Print can offer to its customers? Quality manufacturing of printed products- brochures, flyers, booklets, advertising placards and posters. Production of letterheads and souvenir production – folders, envelopes, business cards, calendars, notepads, stickers. Production of plastic cards, manuals, office tablets, seals and stamps, pillars, packages, souvenirs and other production.

We offer all kinds of printing services – digital, large format and offset printing, positioning, replication, embossing of any kind of printing products. Offset printing- it’s high quality and possibility to print large circulations. This is the best solution for printing of periodicals, textbooks and books. Digital printing – it’s speed. Besides, this kind of printing allows proofreading documents without wasting time. Large format printing is used for manufacturing advertising banners, placards of large format. It’s quality full color printing of any format even the biggest.

Besides we offer such services as lamination, embossing, punching, cutting, stitching, folding and etc. We offer the full range of printing services- from developing design and layout to printing and delivery. Applying to us, you get rid of many problems because we will make everything for you from A to Z. Besides we offer brand chocolate champagne with your logo. It’s the perfect solution for corporate events, presentations, exhibitions and other events. Chocolates with logo of your company and branded champagne will definitely be remembered by your customers and business partners. Delicious, branded souvenirs are perfect combination of useful and pleasant. You can see the full list of our services in the relevant sections. You can check it – you will be surprised with a list of our services. What else can offer FS Print to its customers? Efficient performing of all orders, responsibility and professionalism at all stages of work, high quality of provided services. If you need our consultation – our managers will answer on all your questions, which you can ask by contact us by phone, on-line, or by visiting our office.

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