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Cutting. Prices on cutting.

  Cutting or how many people call it, die-cutting is considered to be one of the major post-printing proceВырубкаsses in the printing industry. Cutting gives the product its final shape and personality. The cutting process is done by using special metal cutting shapes. Die cut shape is made by hand, or industrial process, specifically for the circulation, and also each of the printing houses has a set of forms for cutting standard product, for example, pocket calendars, folders, and so on. Perforation process can be attributed to the die-cutting. It’s when put small holes in a certain place to facilitate tearing of the sheet. Cutting is absolutely necessary in the manufacture of packaging - in fact, it’s impossible to manufacture intricate outline of the box and fold line using conventional, even three-knife cutter. The range of materials that can be given any shape is quite large: it’s a paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and even plastics and leather. In order that the cutting was done correctly, the printing house must have the latest models of these devices. We are pleased to announce that we are the owners of the most modern crucibles that allow us to perform cutting of any difficulty.
  But even with a good machine, experienced technologists are required for achieving good result. They will set the machine up correctly, so that the output was less marriage. Many printing houses are unable to buy these machines, and then we fulfill third-party orders. Applying to us with your own order or bringing printing order of the client for the final stage of processing you can be sure that your order will be done in the shortest time and with unmatched quality.

Prices on cutting A2

Number of sheets

format cutting 500х700

Per sheet (rubles). Subtotal circulation (rubles).
100 - 750
500 2,1 1050
1000 1,14 1140
2000 1,05 2100
3000 0,99 3000
4000 0,96 3840
5000 0,93 4650
6000 0,93 5580
7000 0,9 6300
8000 0,9 7200
9000 0,9 8100
10000 0,87 8700
Prices on cutting A1

Number of sheets

format cutting 93660

Per sheet (rubles). Subtotal circulation (rubles).
100 - 1500
500 4,2 2100
1000 2,28 2280
2000 2,1 4200
3000 1,98 6000
4000 1,92 7680
5000 1,86 9300
6000 1,86 11160
7000 1,8 12600
8000 1,8 14400
9000 1,8 16200
10000 1,74 17400


Runs of more than 10 000 are calculated individually.
Prices include VAT and 1st makeready.
The cost of work increases:
  1. 300 Rub. – Changing makeready during operation.
  2. 300-450 Rub. - when cutting/creasing of paper bags.
  3. 30% when the number of products on the cutting stamp from 7 to 20 pieces (more than 20 items-are calculated individually)
  4. 50% at cutting matt cardboard, corrugated cardboard (cardboard), thick lamination, plastic.
Manufacture of stamping forms, laser cutting, design and prototyping. The price of the stamping forms depends on the complexity of the sweep of the product.
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