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Cutting. The price on cutting.

  Cutting is one of the most simple final post-printing processes. But no matter how simple wРезкаas the process itself, but it also has its pitfalls. Efficiently cut products will be able to hide even small flaws in the print by its presentable form, and, on the contrary, careless cutting will ruin even the most beautiful printed products. Because cutting is the final touch, showing the relation of the typographer to the work. Almost none of the work in the printing bypasses slitting machine, so it is essential to approach this process in a responsible and laborious way. The cutting quality depends on several factors - the first one is definitely human - the more experienced the carver, the better the result. The relation of the cutter to the equipment is also important - failure to comply with the rules of handling, the knife can be blunt, get chipped, which will certainly affect the work. So the best thing which printing house can do for improving the cutting quality is to equip its production of automatic cutters, which are controlled by means of a computer - in this case, the human factor is minimal and you will not get crooked cut cards and diamond-shaped leaflets. Our printing house has such machines and we don’t have the problem of quality cutting. We help colleagues from a small printing shops and mini-printers to cope with the large volume cutting, because they can’t cope with it only with a hand torches.

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