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Forms CtP. Production of printing plates, CTP plates.

  We offer you a new service - conclusion CtP forms. CtP-forms are produced by direct exposure of the image on the printed form. Mounting and copying services are excluded of this process. It improves the print quality (clear raster point, perfectly reproduced 1-2% rasters) and minimizes the time for fitting - alignment kit CtP forms almost perfect. However, the acquisition of own complex CtP is unprofitable for most small and medium-sized printing houses. First, thermal system that provides the highest quality is the most expensive as initially and in support, occupy more space and are heavy. Secondly, own prepress department with qualified personnel will not be cheap, but the price of an error in the derivation CtP forms is sufficiently large, even if the marriage on the forms is seen before the print of the edition. We offer you the best solution: conclusion CtP forms in our company. You receive professional preparation of the files and quality printing forms derived with new equipment for a reasonable price.

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