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Kubariki. Printing and design. Manufacturing and production of kubarikov

  Funny word “Kubarik” sometimes makes us smile. However the product that is hidden under that cute nameКубарики has no humor. Kubariki it’s business printing products, which is a compact stack of paper of small size, the shape and number of sheets as a whole resembles a cube. Kubariki serve the daily needs of office workers who are always looking for a scrap of paper on which to record the necessary information. By type of manufacturing kubariki are divided into two groups - glued kubariki and usual kubariki. Glued kubariki - represent a pack of glued from the one side sheets, which, if necessary, can be easily separated from each other. From the self-adhesive sheets POST IT they are distinguished by the fact that after separation from the main pack, it might not stick. Usual kubariki is not glued stack of papers for notes. Kubariki are made of paper of different colors and can be used as an advertising souvenir. Your logo or company contacts can be placed on its sheets. It is now fashionable to perform kubariki not only cubic shape, but using a variety of punches to give it all kinds of shape. The prices of such products is low, and considering the personalization, attractive and unusual appearance, it is safe to assume that in the top list of promotional souvenirs kubariki will continue to maintain its leading position for a long time.


 Кubariki 9х9

500 pcs. 1000 pcs. 2000 pcs.

 5 cm 500 list 1+0

54.8 52.2 50.4

 5 cm 500 list 4+0

75.16 68.9 68.85
Price in rub.


Примеры кубариков

виды кубариков

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