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Labels. Design and print labels. Production of labels.

  Currently, the label plays not only informative role. It gives the necessary information about the prЭтикеткиoduct to the buyer. Also it’s a beautiful accessory product; it allows you to select it from a number of similar products. It's the final touch, which is an important detail, because it needs to be practical and presentable at the same time. Modern printing technologies have perfected this type of product: for your attention offered as a regular paper labels, self adhesive labels, holographic labels, self-destructive and even volume. The simplest kind of label is a label made of paper. It is cheap, fast and allows receiving the order in the shortest possible time. Paper labels can be water-resistant and not, glossy and matte, as well as self-adhesive. Self adhesive labels can also be done waterproof, in that case, it should be made of plastic materials. Holographic label gains great spread - because it's a protective factor against counterfeiting. Such variety of options makes the printing houses, producing labels to equip its production of various machines that enables printing on a wide variety of materials. We have all tools for production any kind of label at our plant.


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