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 Offset printing, it’s a kind of commercial printing, which is performed using a special photo forms and offset shafts. This kind of printing allows performing works in a large number of copies on paper sizes up to A0. There is also offset web printing which apply the image to the media, unwinding it from the big web and slicing in the process.Офсетная печать Offset printing is definitely better in terms of the price of the product compared to the so-called digital printing.
If your circulation number is more than 1000 copies, you need to place your orders in printing houses with such equipment. Currently, progress in offset production reached that the speed of the preprint preparation of the material is close to digital production. There are offset machines which make forms themselves and thereby exclude considerable proportion of manual work on the development of these forms. Advantages of offset printing are not limited to the cost.
Accurate print at the Pantone fan is also possible with the help of these machines. You can be sure that you will receive your branded approved color and no other. However, offset printing requires professional approach and numerous technical staff. Specialists in pre-press (prepress) and printers, who operate the machines, work in close cooperation to achieve result. Role of qualified personnel in post-press (finishing circulation) is also very important.
That’s why applying to our company which offers its services on offset printing it’s necessary to learn which print and pre-print equipment this company has and how experienced the designers are, who prepare the material for a print. Because the quality of products will depend on all these details. Our company is glad to offer you a full fleet of equipment to achieve the highest results.
Modern printing presses, blanking presses and cutters, collecting and welted-creasing complexes, as well as many other specialized equipment allows us to print quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Experts on prepress materials can properly prepare your order for printing. If you don’t have specific knowledge in this area or if you doubt the result, experts will take a test film and will make the proof.

Prices on offset printing
The cost for press preparation for printing on Heildelberg SM 52-4 4 paint without the cost of paper, including the cost of making molds: 2500 rubles, the cost of paint print 4+0 60 kopecks per sheet A3+(52x36).
The cost for press preparation for printing on Heildelberg PM 74-4 4 paint without the cost of paper, including the cost of making molds: 3500 rubles, the cost of paint print 4+0 1 ruble per sheet A2+ (52x74).


Table of optimal selection of the printing machine, depending on the circulation


 For offset printing we use modern equipment:
Shinohara 75 IV  

Brilliance: 4
Format: 520 x 750 mm
Sheet format: 260 x 400 520 x 750 mm
Sheet thickness: from 0.04 to 0.6 mm
Capacity: up to 13,000 sheets/hour
Pile height feeder: 900 mm
Pile height of acceptance: 900 mm
The inking unit: 19 rollers (4 rolling)
Dampening unit: 4(1) continuous alcohol
Heidelberg Printmaster PM 74-2  

2 printing sections (2+0)
System dampening: ALCOLOR
Paper thickness: 0.03 to 0.6 mm...
Maximum sheet size: 530х740мм
Maximum print format: 510х740
Capacity: up to 12,000 prints per hour
Ryobi 522HX  

Colourful: 2
Format: 380 x 520 mm
Sheet size: 100 × 150 mm to mm h
Sheet thickness: 0.04-0.4 mm
Performance: 3000-13000 sheets/hour
Pile height feeder: 550 mm
Pile height of acceptance: 430 mm
The inking unit: 17 rollers (including 4 ro-ro)
Dampening unit: Ryobi-matic roller 4 (including 1 ro-ro)
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