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Question- Answer

1) We got exhibition, and the management heavily delayed approval of the layout and budget. In the result there are three days and nobody wants to take an order. After all, we need to replicate the price lists and print full-color brochures and branding pens, lighters and a lot of other stuff. It makes no sense to give an order to different printing houses. Can you help us?

- Such situation in Russia is usual. In this case our printing house is always like a magic wand. Because we aren’t only printing house. We have own souvenir production and department of printing. You can safely bring the order to us. While the big run will be printing, we will produce a part of it on digital equipment for you to be able to start your work. Even if you have no one to come and take the ready parts of order- we provide uninterrupted supply of material directly to your exhibition stand!

2) Many printing houses don’t provide deliver of finished goods and we don’t have our own cars.

- Do we need to spend money on a Gazelle? Of course, you don’t. Our delivery isn’t free but much cheaper than a taxi or a cargo taxi. In some cases you get delivery as a bonus.

3) We have transport department which is ready to carry out delivery of any goods. You have written that you work from 9 to 21: 00, and we have an urgent order.

-  Does it mean that we can’t place our order in your printing house?

4) If we paid for an order but it turned out that our order is delayed or removed at all. Do we lose our money?

- Of course you don't. In this case by official letter we return money on the account of the customer.

5) Why we always required signing the layout? We have experienced designers who prepare layout for printing and we are sure in them.

- Signing of the layout is very important procedure for acceptance of the order. Especially, if layout is developed not in our bureau

6) Our management doesn't want to pay a prepayment explaining that it’s necessary to see the goods. Can you work on the letter of guarantee?

- Acceptance of an order without prepayment is always touchy subject. Production of printing products is costly thing. And in case you refuse to pay for an order we will incur serious losses. That’s why work on the letter of guarantee it is an act of trust for the client, and trust must be earned. When you apply to us at first time we would have to work only on conditions of partly prepayment. And if you will become our loyal customer such condition as work on the letter of guarantee will be available for you.

7) I made the layout of business card and brought it to your printing house but your designers refused to accept it because the layout is made in Word. They said that it has to be redone and asked to pay for layout. Is it fair?

- You have already answered on your question. Word isn’t a graphic program in which make layout. In which programs and how the printed material should be prepared for printing you can learn from section technical requirements.

8) We signed the layout and received the printing but there are serious flaws in it. Which option to solve this problem do we have?

- Sooner or later each printing house faces with this problem. Flaws are possible at any production that wasn’t tracked on the stage of delivery of the order. We are ready to admit our mistakes. In this case you have two options: to reprint an order for free or if the flaws aren’t fatal, get discount on this circulation.

9) How to upload a large file?

-You can use file storage service. Address:

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