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Requirements for layout

Requirements for layout which considered being ready for printing. The following requirements are necessary for any original-layouts provided to customers. Any correction of the materials will be considered updating and has to be paid on prices for positioning.
Files prepared on the platform PC
Formats of acceptable by us files for printing
1) Adobe Photoshop v 7.0
2) Quark Xpress v 6.0
3) Adobe Illustrator v 10.0
4) POSTSCRIPT in this case it’s necessary for you to consult with our specialists on prepress.
5) If you prepared the materials in Adobe Indesign CS3 or Corel Draw 14, then we will accept it in printing after consultation with our experts only if there is a print of layout.
Name of the file
Name of work or firm customer must be present in a file name
In the file name mustn’t be letters of the Russian alphabet and special signs.

All files should have the same extension as a program in which it was performed.

Formats of the files
If your layout is performed in Adobe Illustrator and QUARK EXPRESS it’s necessary that the format need to match to cut product format and the fill should be taken at least 3 cm on each side, all essential parts must be placed on the strip at a distance of not less than 4 mm from the edge of the layout and in the case of a multi-page document - not less than 10 mm from the edge of the spine.

Requirements, common to all layouts
All lines must be a minimum thickness of 0,3 pt
Text by “knockout” on any dice allowed when using pin from 8 pt.
If the black die, you cannot use the text by knockout beauty more than two primary colors
We don’t accept layouts without signature; also it’s necessary to attach:
1) A color printout of the full-size layout
2) A sample made by the analogue method to be able to control the chromaticity of work because without such sample we cannot accept claims by color.

1) Work on the layout in the program QUARK EXPRESS
2) All files made in this program should have extension qxd
3) Special files with support (fonts and graphics) should be attached to the work
It’s necessary to provide full set of fonts used in your layout
For platform PC
POSTSCRIPT, FONTS.PFM (PRINTER FONT METRICS) FONT SUITCASE (PC) + POSTSCRIPT FONTS PFB, PRINTER FONT BINARY. It’s undesirable to use TRUE TYPE FONTS. It’s also undesirable to use system fonts, it’s better to replace it by POSTSCRIPT FONT TYPE1
All graphic objects in layout shouldn’t be scaled and must be inserted in full size.

Image in the raster must impose in the window with the lack of transparency with the exception of only files with clipping.
Requirements on color

Any unusable colors in the layout are invalid. It’s forbidden to call usable colors by standard colors, red, blue, green. In the names of colors triad should be CMIK components and must be separated. Not triad colors supposed to have in its title the number of estimated pontoon. In the layouts which aren’t subjected to printing on CMIK and consist graphic in itself should be used the same names of the color as in attached graphic file. It’s necessary to use color library Pontoon, taking into account the paper on which the print will be performed. Any other requirements for trapping should be recorded at the time of delivery of the material.

3) Adobe Illustrator, vectors (in case of performing work not in this program you will need a consultation of our specialist on pre-press).
Any vector graphics should be saved in EPS format of Adobe Illustrator version until 10.0
The layout file should be with eps.extension.
In case of using different complex effects in layout such as shades, transparency, it has to be translated in raster, CMIC, 300 dots
The texts need to be translated into curves
The layout should include only used brushes, you need to uninstall other.
The colors of the triad need to be separated and not triads contain the name of the Pantone number.
The document should be single-layer
Any graphic image you insert into the layout should be inserted in full size, CMIC, 300 dots.
You cannot enlarge or reduce the image in Illustrator since in this case the print result is impossible to predict
4)Raster in Adobe Photoshop
Any graphic should be given in following models:
Any kind of raster graphic should be given in following formats:

Full responsibility for the layout carries its manufacturer. The original layouts of the customer are not corrected without request.


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